Lauren Smith
Welcome to my web site!

LS Speech and Language Services

We are conveniently located at 1095 McKenzie Ave, suite 320, in Victoria BC.

At LS Speech and Language Services, Lauren Smith, Speech Language Pathologist, offers assessment, treatment and consultation services for preschool and school-aged children. Lauren believes in working collaboratively with families setting goals that meet each child’s individual needs.

Lauren has over 30 years of experience working with children and their families.

If you have any concerns regarding
your child in any of these area:
  • Difficulty with certain speech sounds
  • Difficulties thinking of others, playing collaboratively and establishing friendships
  • Unintelligible speech
  • Not talking
  • Only has a few words
  • Frustrated at not being able to communicate
  • Difficulty with word order in sentences
  • Difficulties following directions
  • Struggles to form words
  • Hesitant to communicate verbally with others
  • Repeats sounds, words or phrases (stuttering)

 Call 250.704.4447 or email Lauren for an appointment.