Lauren Smith
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Clients Testimonials

Thank you for giving my son a voice!
Lauren's caring, professional approach and great sense of humour made her a pleasure to work with.  She is experienced,very kind and lifted my spirits when I needed it most. My son always enjoyed and looked forward to his sessions."
L. Reynell

Thank you for all the kind, gentle support you have provided to Seth over the past two years.
Your ability to nurture his self esteem while tackling all the difficulties that came in helping Seth build his speech to an understandable level was much appreciated. We are so grateful to you for all that you have given to Seth. You have an amazing gift. Thank you very much for providing him with such a positive foundation.
The Lablond family

Lauren has been our six year old son's speech pathologist for well over a year. We have found her office provides a warm, comfortable, and child friendly atmosphere. She is always prepared and organized for our weekly speech sessions. Our son is always eager to see what games and activities she has in store for him. Lauren has developed an excellent rapport with our son, whom is quite shy in nature. She regularly provides us with a variety of fun speech activities to work with at home. Over the past year, we have seen a significant improvement in our son's speech and in his confidence. We have always felt that Lauren's heart is in the right place. We find she takes a personal interest in our son and we never feel rushed in our sessions. We are very thankful to have found such an outstanding, experienced speech pathologist with a gift for working with children.
The Sterling Family

My daughter began seeing Lauren for speech therapy shortly after she turned three years old, and continued seeing her for two years.
On our initial visit with Lauren, she was able to identify my daughter’s needs and set goals for her speech. I was impressed by how comfortable my daughter became with Lauren because she was often very shy around adults due to her speech difficulties. Immediately, my daughter took to Lauren’s calm, inviting manner and was excited to see her each week. I found Lauren to always be very patient and encouraging. As my daughter’s speech progressed, Lauren was able to challenge her while making sure she wasn’t getting overwhelmed. Lauren’s lessons were fun and engaging. I appreciated the practice activities she sent home so that I could help my daughter with her speech development at home. In the two years that my daughter worked with Lauren, not only did her speech improve dramatically, but she also gained self-confidence and improved her focus. As wonderful side benefits, my daughter also learned how to use scissors, hold a pencil correctly, and gained letter and word recognition, all while working on speech skills with Lauren.